Sunday, March 1, 2009

Retired Stamp Set Sale Pics

These are the stamp sets that should be available through my CTMH website on March 3rd at 40% off. The D sized sets should be approximately $13.77, the C sized sets approx $11.37 and the B sized sets $8.37
The list is as follows
a. Wisdom (B1199)b. Groovy Celebration (C1232)c. Love of My Life (C1258)d. Card Sentiments (D1111)e. Memories (D1127)f. Follow Your Dreams (D1152)g. Steep and Deep (D1175)h. My One & Only (D1197)i. Friendship’s Garden (D1202)j. My Farm (D1219)
Hope this is helpful!
Have a great day.

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