Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My First Five to Comment Prizes...

came in the mail today..Yahooooo! I was one of the first 5 people to leave a comment on Rachel's blog and so I got a personal, one of a kind goodie made for me by Rachel. To qualify for this yummie you had to do the same thing on your blog and give the first 5 commentators on your special post their own goodie! What a way to pay it forward! I still have 3 spaces left for people to leave a comment!!!! I have already sent goodies to two people.

Here are the wonderful clothes pegs (if you are English) pins (if you are American) photo holders I got from Rachel today. I can't tell you how cool it is to have these in person!!!!

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.... One of the wonderful people to leave a comment on my blog was the Very Talented Nellie over at This little blog of Mine

She left a comment which meant that I had to make her something and send it. She posted the same giveaway on her blog as well. I snuck over to her blog and left a comment so I could get something from her!!!! hee hee hee. I believe she also has some comment space left as well. If I were you I would head over and find that post ASAP.

Nellie sent me the most precious card, notepad in a holder and my own personal pack of embellishments. It was like Chritsmas here today LOL.
I forgot to take a pic of what I made for Nellie so you will have to just go on over there and have a look see!
SOOOO both Nellie and I have space available for some more you feel like paying it forward???? I am telling you it is GREAT FUN!!! Just find our posts and leave a comment. Then do the same on your blog.
Enjoy, I certainly have today!!!


Jeanne said...

Look at all that fun stuff! I peeked at what you sent the other gal and thought those looked very cool, too.

Thanks for sharing!

nelliemaeii said...

Sarah!! I am so glad that you like that stuff...I was worried that you wouldn't like it too!!

mrsnorton said...

Hi. I'm new to the blog world and paper crafting too. Cute ideas on your blog and what a neat idea about this whole pay it forward! Sounds like great fun. :o)

willow said...

What gorgeous stuff you made and recieved. I have just found your blog and am now a follower

yael said...

i've just posted mine after wining a goodie from Rachel....i love your stuff!
what a great way to share your art and connect and share inspiration and art

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