Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cards for Upcoming Workshop

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great Thursday.
I have been working on some cards for my next workshop. We wanted to use the Emporium PP as everyone had just purchased it for our last workshop (trying to be cost effective here). You saw my previously posted card using Mrs Gardener earlier and here are the others.

This card uses Mrs Gardener also, with some bling and some paper piecing. I know it's a little busy. I colored her with copics.

The other card uses Bunny Love (I think LOL) Stamp set
and Emporium creative Basics papers. The bunny is embossed and colored using CTMH colored pencils and the odorless mineral spirits technique.

The other 'card' I came up with is an idea I have had in my head for a while..... this needs tweaking a bit, but for now it will do. A while back I saw some gorgeous flowers made with the Easter eggs stamp set, so I thought I would CASE them (sorry I cannot remember the name of the consultant who made them). Then I tried to make a flower pot with cardstock. Then I got my little Amy to break out the suckers (for their sticks). She was willing to eat all the suckers for my stems, but we ran into 2 problems...1. she took too long and 2. they were soggy ewww. So I opted for smashing the suckers off the ends..LOL. I had planned to wrap them in green floral tape but I couldn't wait to make this so my next one will have it. I was also going to make some leaves but decided to leave them off. I know the little flower on the pot doesn't match and I will change it , but it looked like it needed something.

It actually stood up...I was amazed.
Anyways this was fun to make and I will try and make a more polished one now I know how to put it together.
I really have to get a better camera as mine seems to suck the life out of my cards. I have foam mounting tape and pop dots all over the place on these cards and you can't see the dimension in these pics. Also I used Stickles on the brads in the center of the 3 big flowers but you can't see that either. Oh well LOL
P.S. The CTMH consultant I got the idea for the flowers from was Katy Donaldson...I just found her name...I want to give credit where Credit is due!

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Jeanne said...

Was it Clearly Inspired? Kim's blog? I know she did flowers with an egg stamp set.

I giggled at your sucker story. I'm sure you know you can buy a package of sucker sticks at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Joann's in their baking aisle? Just thought I'd toss that out there so your little one doesn't have to keep eating suckers. LOL

Your cards look great, I'm sure your attendees will enjoy making them.

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