Friday, March 27, 2009

It Is Spring....

and I have a couple of things to share with you today, that have to do with spring. Firstly my pressed flower bookmark.
I don't know if any of you have ever pressed flowers but it is SO easy and SO rewarding. I have a yard full of perennials (I love to garden...I do NOT have green thumbs though LOL), and a way to preserve these beauties is to press them. You can add them to cards, layouts, and gifts. I have even framed them as pictures. The new bride can preserve her wedding bouquet for ever in a LO by pressing the flowers. I found that the CTMH Window Charms were a great way to highlight these blooms.
I will have to take a pic of my Flower Press..I have had it since I was a young girl!
for now here is a quickie bookmark I made with my pressed flowers.

Now the second thing I have to share.

My dad in the UK is an avid photographer and loves his new Nikon fancy schmancy digital camera. He sent me these pics today of the nesting box he has on the side of the house. They love watching the Blue Tits (YES they are birds in England) preparing to nest in the box. He has this neat thing called a gorilla pod that grips the camera in weird places. Anyways I thought I would share the pic of the Blue Tit and the camera and it's gorilla pod for anyone who might be interested.

Any questions about flower pressing or anything else just shoot me an email. Thanks again for visiting and commenting.

My first five get a prize 'pay it forward' post has now reached 5 comments!!! Thanks so much for your comments..I will be wracking my brains for something yummie to send you all!



Carla Harrah said...

Your dad is one lucky man. Having that camera and those beautiful birds.. WOW!
Your bookmark is great too. I would like to see your flower press. You should enter it in the Creative Belli Blog Challenge. Here's the link

Sparkle said...

Your bookmark is so pretty! I am wishing for Spring to come my way!

Jeanne said...

What a lovely bookmark! I have never thought to do any flower pressing. I love the look of flowers and piddle around in the garden, but like you, my thumbs aren't green either.

Love the photos your dad sent! I'm pretty sure you can find those funky tripods around here. You can definitely see how effective it is.

willow said...

What a gorgeous bookmark, I have a flower press in the loft somewhere, I may just get it out and use it.

HaleyD said...

I did not realize you had a blog until just a few minutes ago! LOVE IT!!!!! Glad your daughter is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

You are way too modest Sarah! Your yard and flowers are beautiful!

It is hard to see, but did you use the clear charms on the bookmark? I love book marks! A hidden obsession, I guess!

When do I get to come over and play??


Laurel said...

Love the bookmark!

Danita said...

Sarah, your bookmark is GORGEOUS!!!
What a great way to present those pretty flowers!!! Awesome job with this challenge!!! Thanks for playing in the Creative Belli challenge this week!!!


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