Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Flower press...

and a surprise..I found flowers in it LOL
A couple of people asked to see a pic of my ancient flower press so here it is. My Mom bought this for me when I was a kid (purchased in Mothercare a UK shop that sells kids clothes etc) . I tried to find one here in the US but it wasn't as easy as I thought. Then I tried to make one (too much hassle). So mom brought this one over on a visit...When we opened it up it had flowers in it from YEARS ago LOL.
As I was taking pics I found that it had flowers in it from 1-2 years ago. They are soooo thin. I bought some Modge Podge for the first time So I will see what I can do with it.
Hopefully I will have some art to post later
Have a wonderful Saturday!


Carla Harrah said...

You are so lucky to have all those flowers. That press is awesome. When I was a kid we always tried to press flowers with wax paper and books, but they never turned out as pretty as yours.

Anonymous said...

Okay...I want a flower press! I will have to see if Jamie can make me one! Is that cardboard between the wood??


Anonymous said...

BTW, I ended up going to Hobby Lobby again yesterday and bought a four more copic markers. If I bring a few in at a time...Jamie will never know!! hehehe!!

Okay...I may need to start my own blog!


Laurel said...

Can't wait to see what you do with it! The kids and I used to press flowers and leaves all the time.

Cindy said...

Those are beautiful. I have always wanted a flower press...but talk myself out of it everytime. I will have to check back and see what you do with your flowers. Maybe i can convince myself its a toy i really need!

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