Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Case'd Card....

To say I love Tresa's Fabulously Artsy Blog would be a serious understatement. I enjoy her art and her tutorials SO much! I decided to try one of her 'swinger' cards. So easy and so much fun. The kiddo's love them! This card is copied from this card.

I have been working on my goodie prizes and should be getting them in the mail here in the next day or two so I had to look through my cards for something to post.

Hope you all had a safe and fun Monday.



Carla Harrah said...

This is great. Tresa would be proud! LOL! You need to get over to my blog and sign my Pay it Forward post..

itsabrt said...

This card is superb, I've never tried a swinger card. You are right about her blog, that woman is amazing! BR-T

AaronB said...

This card is awesome! love the paint on the edges!

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