Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unscripted Sketches #40


DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0024

SK sketch 15 US sketch 40

Where did this week go??? Well here it is Saturday again and time for another Unscripted Sketch for you to try!!! This one stumped me a little and I struggled a bit. Few more layers than I wanted LOL…but that’s why we are Unscripted right…so we can jump off from the sketch and go.  I used a Hero Art’s clear stamp set and some PTI cardstock. There is some TGF patterned paper and some CTMH ribbon…little bit of everything :0) Even some real sewing!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this sketch.

I got the new Stamp It! Cards magazine…wooweee there were some amazing creations in there. SO many CAS cards with nice bold colors and clean lines…I was in heaven. I noticed that there was TONS of PTI product used on nearly every card. Big bold bows were very popular as were kraft CS and buttons. I enjoyed reading it and will be heading back there often. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Embossing tutorial #3..Using Embossing Paste Scroll Down for #1 and #2

So I went and played with a brass stencil and thought I would share…I have so many pictures though, I will split them into 3 scroll!


This is what I used. I also used PTI cardstock..the thicker the better (less warping). If you live in Des Moines you can buy this stuff from Outstamping by Design in Valley Junction…otherwise I Googled this store

And the Dreamweaver website.

You definitely NEED a palette knife (one with a flat edge)….and masking tape…the kind you can pull off paper without it tearing (mine tore). As I was using the metallic paste first and my cardstock warps, I taped it to the counter for extra stability.


DSC_0004 Then I taped the stencil in place.



Getting ready to slather the paste on.


Then ‘shave’ off the excess with the knife. Bear in mind I have never seen anyone do this…I really am just winging it ha ha!


The idea is to get a smooth flat surface..not like this .


You can see the cardstock is warping already. Now the trick is to CAREFULLY lift off the stencil. I have found leaving one little bit of tape on the edge is safest..then you just lift it up (don’t drop it).



You can see some smudging on that bottom flower..when the cardstock warps you can’t get the stencil nice and flat and the paste leaks out underneath.


This takes at least an hour to dry…so put it somewhere SAFE (so you don’t accidentally sit on it…I am just saying!)

OK now on to the white paste



Ohhhh and before I forget…as soon as you are done..recap these babies and rinse off your stencils and dries really quickly.



Here I had an AHA moment. I had some thick acetate sitting there and I though…heyyy I can use that instead of the knife…so I did and it was easier!


I had been mixing perfect Pearls on it. It scraped it off really flat.


Don’t worry about the excess as you can trim the image when it is dry.



While it is still wet you can add Prisma glitter (sticks really well).


Just pretend it looks all sparkly.


Well there they are waiting to dry. I will have to make some cards with them later. Hope this was helpful. I am going to post a couple more after this post.

Embossing Tutorial #2

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use a light box vs your Cuttlebug with a brass stencil


Here is my cheap light box



Same stencil as before and I taped it down.


DSC_0041You HAVE to use light cardstock with a white core or you cannot see the stencil through the CS. Also if you are going to sand the image you need a white core. These are my embossing styluses.



Then you just trace the image pushing with the stylus. You are supposed to rub the CS with waxpaper first so you don’t slide but I always forget.



Awwww pretty!

Now to achieve the same effect in 5 seconds with your Cuttlebug.


HA! ANNDD it’s glittery. The image is embossed SO well even the serial number embossed on the CS.

I read somewhere this works best if the CS is wet…BUT I didn’t have a mister to hand, so (light bulb moment), I grabbed my glimmer mist…now my CS is shimmery and wet :0). I ran it through the CB with this stack…A plate, Stencil, wet CS, tan embossing mat from Spellbinders, 2 pieces of CS to shim and 2 B plates….



Embossing Tutorial #1

Ink, sanding, and chalk with a brass stencil



I used Ranger distressing inks and a stencil brush….this was an experiment…I have never done it before.



Not too bad…don’t know if I like it though.


DSC_0056 DSC_0054

This one I did by embossing with the stylus and rubbing chalk over the image before removing the stencil.


This one I just sanded after I had embossed the image.

Well I hope these were helpful.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Missing you vintage card…


DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

DSC_0013 DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012

Well this one is completely different for me. I always see these sorts of cards and think..I could never do that. Well I decided to ‘have a go’. I think the title would be vintage? It was kind of fun. I especially like the key and heart lock which are actually made from paper. They are Spellbinders dies distressed with ink, perfect pearls, and a Krylon gold leafing pen……LOVE the effect. The stamp with the butterflies and clocks I just loved and I picked it up at Michaels for 30% off.  What do you think?…honest opinions..I am pleased with DD’s both picked it up from a mess of cards I brought upstairs and said I am thinking it worked. But you know I need your input…or why else would I be posting right!

As to the embossing paste..when I get a spare minute I will do a post about both of them for those of you that have asked.

Any questions about this card or anything else…feel free to contact me. My email should be on my sidebar.


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