Thursday, January 28, 2010

Embossing Tutorial #2

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use a light box vs your Cuttlebug with a brass stencil


Here is my cheap light box



Same stencil as before and I taped it down.


DSC_0041You HAVE to use light cardstock with a white core or you cannot see the stencil through the CS. Also if you are going to sand the image you need a white core. These are my embossing styluses.



Then you just trace the image pushing with the stylus. You are supposed to rub the CS with waxpaper first so you don’t slide but I always forget.



Awwww pretty!

Now to achieve the same effect in 5 seconds with your Cuttlebug.


HA! ANNDD it’s glittery. The image is embossed SO well even the serial number embossed on the CS.

I read somewhere this works best if the CS is wet…BUT I didn’t have a mister to hand, so (light bulb moment), I grabbed my glimmer mist…now my CS is shimmery and wet :0). I ran it through the CB with this stack…A plate, Stencil, wet CS, tan embossing mat from Spellbinders, 2 pieces of CS to shim and 2 B plates….




stampmonkey said...

Very cool! Do you know if it's possible to use the Cuttlebug and not have the rim of the embossing folder depress into the CS too?

AaronB said...

I have some of those, you have inspired me to get them out! Great work!

whoistracy said...

Well aren't you miss craft tutorial maker these days?? I miss out on blog surfing and miss a lot over here! Hope you're feeling better!

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