Monday, June 8, 2009

Card For KJ’s Color Chef Challenge #10….




Wow my Mojo upped and ran today….It is cool, windy, and overcast here today and I am tired. That I think has a lot to do with it. Usually I can’t wait to get down in my spot and create..but today I was blahhhh.  I looked at all the sketches out there and decided to try Kelly’s color challenge over at KJ’s Stamp pad.  It is her 10th challenge and a contest this time! If you don’t enter the contest you HAVE to see her cards. She is SO talented. Her challenge is to use black, white, and a splash of color …any color! How cool is that. I chose Tulip.

Supplies : White Daisy, Black and Tulip Cardstock CTMH, Vellum CTMH, Spot On Backgrounds CTMH, Heartfelts red hearts CTMH, Rub-Ons CTMH, Pewter Belt Buckle from my daughters jeans LOL

I hope your weekend was wonderful! Mine was very busy….maybe that’s why I feel so drained. I also helped my son clean his room today….wow was that a challenge. He collects all kinds of stuff…including Lego and old coins. We took time off to price a couple of his older US coins, no small feat I may add. After a while, staring at teeny tiny mint marks worn almost off on 1800’s coins is a bit headache inducing. You get my drift.

I did manage to buy some steel crochet once I can get me some decent embroidery floss I can FINALLY attack those flowers I have been drooling over. Yup, I still can’t bring myself to use Jeanne’s flowers on a card. (Go check out her cupcake!!)

Thanks for all your comments and encouragements friends! I enjoy and appreciate every one of them.



Kathi Carlson said...

This is a pretty sweet card for a girl who says she has no mojo. As for the lousy weather, it's getting old. I remember helping my sons clean their rooms when they were your son's age. Later, I gave up. Remarkably, the teenage slobs grew up to be very neat men. I never woulda thunk ... LOL.Good luck with those flowers. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Carla said...

Wow - love this card, with or without mojo!!
Can't wait to try this challenge!

Anonymous said...

Your card is beautiful! I wish mine turned out that good when my mojo is no where to be found!:)

My MIL was here over the weekend (she is from Polk City) and she kept getting updates about what the weather was like up there...pretty nasty it sounded like! The weather wasn't much better here...though we luckily didn't have any tornadoes or baseball size hail like some did! The weather always keeps things interesting in the midwest!!:)

Alanna said...

Love this card and all the circles. Sounds like quite an accomplishment helping your son clean his room. I need to do that with my boy.

Kelly Jo said...

Thanks for the kind words about my cards. I really appreciate it!

I got a lot of crafting done over the weekend- it was cool and rainy here too- I actually love that weather :)

The card is just beautiful. Thanks for continuing to play- I appreciate it!

Jeanne said...

Man, Sarah, wish I could create something so nice when my mojo takes a hike! But I do understand the blahs when the weather is less than ideal.

I admire you for helping your son clean his room. I need to do that with the girls' room. I think about it, but do I actually do it? Shudder. LOL Kathi's comment gives me hope that they may end up neat adults. (neat in the sense of not cluttered)

itsabrt said...

Sarah I love the spotted background circles and your felt accents! Sarah it's actually really quite cool here today as well and cloudy however I am not sweating my ars off, my complaint is chiggers ugh I have them all over! BR-T

Jessica said...

Too funny! I had to tackle Kaitlynn's room again yesterday, as well!

Sparkle said...

What a darling card. I love all the circles.

HaleyD said...

Gorgeous card!!! DH and I spent the better part of today cleaning out the girls' room while they're gone. The youngest is suspicious of the THREE trash bags she saw on the porch!

Barb said...

Your card is gorgeous! I have always loved the contrast of black and white. I love the circles and that subtle pop of color that comes from the hearts. Very nice,Sarah. TFS

Nancy Sanders said...

Great card..what a great idea, using circles of different pp. I must give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Winter said...

Cute card! Love the splash of color you used!

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