Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bookmarks for The Girls…




Today my DD Allison picked up her Bible (the purple one) and said “ Mom I LOVE this Bible.” I looked at the cover and thought hmmmmmm I could SO make her a bookmark to match her Bible. Then my Youngest DD Amy said, “what about mine?” And I thought …..Why not? Here is what I came up with! I don’t have a supply list for you. The CS is all CTMH except that bright neon pink color which was from a DCWV stack. The ribbon is all CTMH, as are the brads. The flowers I picked up at Hobby Lobby as well as the Crucifix stamp. The little Dew Drop in the center is part of a surprise RAK I received from Kari…THANKS!!!

I thought I would also post a few pics on how I do my faux stitching as quite a few people have asked about it.



I am not one of those people with elegant long pretty nails :0(

and that’s ink on my finger :0)


Make sure you have your paper on the reverse side of the versa mat or on some of that foam ‘stuff’ which I have used here. Use a fair bit of pressure. Any holes that don’t go all the way through you can use a paper piercer on. I find that the holes these little bug thingies make look more like a sewing machine.



That’s a Sakura White Gelly Roll pen


OK you try holding a camera in your right hand and a pen in your left when you are right handed ha ha.


OK that’s all there is . OHHH and if you have stayed with me thus far…Here is Amy’s card for her challenge.


She even second generationed the little heart by the ‘missing you’ on purpose (“I want it lighter Mom!”)  The owl is colored like her LPS owl . This is for her Dad as he is gone so much lately.  So far we have 5 cards entered in her challenge and she is SO thrilled! Don’t forget we are extended to Sat midday….if anyone wants to take part and needs more time please let me know! 

Well if you have stuck with me until the end of this post THANKS!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.



Marie with a :-) said...

Sarah! (I always have to use an exclamation point with your name because that's how I feel when I see your work :-) ) These book marks are awesome. And thanks for sharing your technique...made me realize I have been using the wrong kind of marker. Never could figure out how come yours always looked like authentic stitches and mine didn't. Thank you, thank you!

Carla said...

Wow - your bookmarks are great - you did a great job matching - they seriously look like they came with the bibles!! Where did you get those bibles, by the way?!?! Or is it just a leather cover on top of a regular bible? My daughter (age 6) is asking for one for Christmas and I haven't seen anything that nice!

And thanks so much for the tutorial on the faux stitching - now I'm off to go buy one of those bug thingies! Awesome. (I have a sewing machine but don't have a clue how to use it).

Great card Amy! Love the owl!

Sparkle said...

I love the bookmarks! I'm a matchy matchy type, so I just adore it! Amy's card turned out lovely!

Kathi Carlson said...

The bookmarks you made the girls are darling, Sarah! Good for you for showing the faux stitching technique, too!

And Amy's card - SO cute! She did an awesome job. I'm have to get serious about my challenge card tomorrow night.

Penny D. said...

Hah! When I saw the pics I thought the bible/book mark you made as a set. Meaning I thought you made the bible covers too! lol. You have managed to match them that perfectly!

They are both beautiful and your daughter's card is amazing.

I just might have time to craft today. Well... I'm hoping because I've had a 2 page layout partially complete laying on my table since the day before thanksgiving. that's the last time I crafted.

chercroppin said...

That faux-stitcher is awesome!!! Your bookmarks turned out amazing...the girls are going to love them!

I have an award for you today over at my blog:

Carolyn Christie said...

Love the matching bookmark, and cute card!
Thanks for posting pic of that thingy.:) That's what i thought it was. Our WM didn't have any, I looked yesterday. I'll check HL or M's.

Alanna said...

Gorgeous bookmarks. They match the bibles so well.

Thanks for the pictures and tutorial on the faux stitching. Yours looks so great.

Lastly, Amy's card is so darling. I love the owl.

Cibele Glazer said...

Oh my goodness! Like Penny, I thought you made the covers too because they look so much like a set. The bookmarks are fantastic! I LOVE the tutorial. Is the cutterbee the same as the scorbug? I have been meaning to get one but wasn't sure which.

Tell Amy her card is just darling. Kara is working on hers.

Laurel said...

Such cute projects from both of you!

Carol Labuski said...

Awesome! They match perfectly like they came together. Thanks for sharing your faux stitching technique. I have done that on some projects quite awhile ago but just never take the time to do it often. I must do it again! It really does add a nice touch. Your daughter's card is just too cute! TFS!

Dawn -Doodle Princess said...

Sarah I love your tutorial! Your funny with yes that is ink on my fingers! I love the faux stitches so much and I have one of those thingys and never use it.Missed visiting so I had to stop by and say HELLO!

Meredith said...

The bookmarks are perfect! And I love your daughter's card!! I am so glad you extended your deadline, because I think I might get to play along...

PS you won my blog candy so now YOU will be Empress of Stickers! Ha! I will try to get it mailed soon--I think I still have your address, if not I'll email you.

Kim said...

These are darling. I love how well they match! You are so very clever with that faux stitching! I'm so glad you shared the secret!
Kim xXx

Steph said...

Aww, adorable card she made! Love the bookmarks too!

itsabrt said...

Sarah your bookmarks are terrific! I love your demo for mock stitching! Beth

Leslie said...

Sarah, love our bookmarks. Love even more that your girls love their Bibles. That is such a gift. Your little tool is so coll. Where did you find it? I might be more inclined to do more of the faux stitch if I had one of those.

Nellie Mae said...

Beautiful bookmarks! The stitching is great!! :-)

BananaStamper said...

Sarah - your tags are great! And, those bookmarks match perfectly - nice job!

Shanna :)

p.s. Still would love to join in the sketch, we shall see how the morning goes. Was away this week for work...

mE said...

These are AWESOME! I love the faux stitching! I had to look really hard to see that it was actually faux... lol! And now I MUST "get me one of them there piercing thingers"! I think I will pass it on to the Brent elf and let him tell Santa that would make a great stocking stuffer! LOL!

Amy - I LUUUUURVE your card, chicadoo! It is awesome and you did an excellent job!

Inky Smiles,

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