Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OK Now I am Obsessed With Hearts….





I was obsessed with snowflakes and Christmas I have moved on to Valentines, Hearts and Love LOL. I know you will bear with me through all of my fads right!  This is a set of 4x4 cards I will probably put on my ETSY store and hope to sell (yeah right LOL). The supplies minimal…kraft CS, Tulip and White Daisy ink CTMH, sentiments all CTMH, Gelly Roll white gel pen, Red glitter paper LSS, heart punches…and voila!

I just cannot tell you how thankful I am for each and every person who takes the time to leave a comment…or sign up as a follower. I never would have believed when I started this ….less than a year ago…that I would be nearing 15,000 hits and 80 plus followers! I am awed and humbled by the experience.

I have been following some blogs that have disappeared or slowed down on their postings. I totally understand as it is a HUGE commitment to keep this going and I know you all agree.

The cons are the HUGE chunks of time that it takes and ummmmm actually I think that is the ONLY con ha ha!

The pros wayyyy outnumber the cons.

The friends I have met.

The RAK I have experienced.

The HUGE confidence boost I get with every comment.

The ability to give and ask for prayers.

The ability to ask and answer questions.

The ability to share my art and my life…and enjoy others art and lives!

To celebrate and commiserate with people I have never met.

You all rock and I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRSITMAS!

I am signing off for a couple of days and will see you after Christmas.

Stay safe and enjoy!


BananaStamper said...

Hey Sarah! I especially love the third card. Happy Christmas, see you after the big day!
Shanna :)

Jeanne said...

And you are going to showcase hearts as beautifully as you did snowflakes, I can tell! These are outstanding, my friend!

I'm so glad to have gotten to know you a bit through your blog. You have a special gift and I'm thankful you share it!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a fantastic 2010!!! Hope it's magical!

Haley D. said...

Amen, blog buddy! Those cards are precious. (When I try simple cards, they look dumb, but yours are terrific.)

Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Leslie said...

Sarah, love the heart cards. Looking forward to seeing many more before Valentine's Day. I actually saw V stuff in Target yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, see you on the flip side.

Laurel said...

BEAUTIFUL cards! Have a great Christmas!

Steph said...

Nicely said my friend! I wish you the same!

Your cards are gorgeous by the way. :)

Amy said...

Your cards are full of heart and so is your dedication to blogging!

Have a wonder Christmas and Happy New Year!

Carolyn Christie said...

I love your card.... Love & Hearts are for anytime! Ditto on the bloggin thing.:)
Thank You for your friendship, visits and sweet comments.
Love & Hugs!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family Sarah!

whoistracy said...

These are gorgeous Sarah! Love the clean and simple lines. I completely agree about blogging- takes a lot of time but I've made some wonderful connections from it!! ;o)

Have a great Christmas with your family!

Cibele Glazer said...

With you through thick and thin and hearts which are lovely BTW! Merry Christmas!

AaronB said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope santa brings you all that you want. Thanks for all that you do!

Meredith said...

First of all thanks for the sweet comment on my blog--I consider you one of my bestest blogging buddies too!

May you and your family have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

Oh and I love the cards! Very chic! It puts me in the mood to create Valentine's cards too!

Krista Ritskes said...

Oh, I love, love, love your simple cards!!!

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