Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mojo #116 Card


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Hmmmmm….I don’t know..bit too busy for me.  I LOVED Mojo’s sketch this week and I had fallen in love with this Penny Black wooden stamp at my LSS. So I tried to combine them.  I did the crystal wreath 3 ways…with ink, gold embossed, and with Perfect Pearls. IRL this is very glittery and shimmery. But all together??? Paper is CTMH Aspen, MS snowflake punch, Glitter brad CTMH, ribbon CTMH, Stampendous stickers, and Stickles. Oh can I say it is REALLY hard to line up a wooden stamp in the center of a circle…LOVE my clear stamps.

Well it has snowed all night and all day…we have well over a foot of snow and it is still coming down.  Now the wind is picking up visibility is almost zero. I had to go out earlier but now we are hunkered down. I can’t see anyone going out unless it is an emergency. When hubby lost his job and we lost the company car we had to buy a new one. I can honestly say I am SO GLAD we bought a Jeep 4x4 Commander…that sucker rolled right through the nasty roads with out any trouble whatsoever.


A pic of our tree :0)

Well if you have had the snow I hope you are recovered, if you are getting the snow…hang in there..If the snow is headed your way…watch out LOL , it’s a doozy.

Stay safe and warm everyone.



Cibele Glazer said...

The card is not, I repeat NOT, too busy. It is awesome! As for great minds thinkins alike, I was going to post a pic of my tree today but didn't around to it. LOL. I think we really are on the same wavelength. Your tree is gorgeous but of course there was no doubt that it would be.

Glad you are safe and warm!

Kathi Carlson said...

Your card, as well as your tree, are absolutely gorgeous. Love them both, although your stunning card made me miss my mojo (LOL) and the big, beautiful tree made me miss my big house that accommodated a big tree. Poor me. LOL.

Sounds like you made the right vehicle choice. We bought a 4-wheel drive pickup this past fall, and I know I'm going to be glad. My itty, bitty car doesn't like the deep stuff.

I'm glad you're "in" where it's safe and warm. Take care!

Sparkle said...

Such a pretty card and gorgeous tree!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

your card is so adorable and your tree is gorgeous...Merry Christmas!

enjoy *~*

SamieVt said...

I absolutely love your card! (And your tree too of course!) Great job!

Steph said...

I love your card! The blue and gold and white go so well together. I don't think it's too busy.

Your tree is gorgeous too! I just got a call from my mom stating she made it home safely, but that she didn't think she was headed into work tomorrow with all of the weather you're having up there. Stay in and stay warm and safe! :)

Dawn -Doodle Princess said...

This is a beautiful card and I have all the supplies on hand.
Your tree is stunning sweetie! How tall is that beauty?
You enjoy the snow and I am still crossing my fingers we don't get the whole whopper, the wind is picking up here and really sloppy lookin...guess we got more rain -sleet then snow.

Christina said...

I don't think the card is too busy at all! Gold is not one of my favorite colors but I still love your card!

And oh my word Sarah, your tree is absolutely stunning!!! It looks like it belongs in a magazine!!!

No snow here in Oregon at least not on the southern coast anyways but it sure is colder than heck out there! It's never been this cold here!!

Jeanne said...

I love the color choices, and the snowflakes, but I'm going to agree with you Sarah and say it's a tad too busy for me. I'd love it more with just the one wreath, but I can't think of what you would do with the other circles...solid cardstock, with a shimmer maybe?

I heard that your whole state was gonna get the blizzard. I'm glad to hear you are hunkered down and safe.

Your tree is absolutely GORGEOUS and does look like it belongs on the pages of a magazine. Wow!

Penny D. said...

OMgosh Sarah, your tree looks like it came straight out of a magazine!!! it's gorgeous!!!

Your card is very pretty. I don't think it's too busy at all.

chercroppin said...

Your card is very cool Sarah, just perfect....

and THAT is YOUR tree?????

GORGEOUS!!!! You are so talented girl!

Alanna said...

This card is absolutely perfect Sarah. I love how you did the wreaths in the 3 different colors. Fabulous.

I'm glad that you have a good car to get you around in the yuckiness of winter. We don't but we make do.

And what a great picture of your tree. I love to see people's decorations.

Laurel said...

What a pretty card and tree!

Caryl P said...

This card is PERFECT! Not too busy at all, I love the colors you use and the bit of bling too.

Your tree is beautiful, and at least you have space for it (unlike me)! Enjoy the forced time at home...I'm having a fun snow day in my pj's!

Carolyn Christie said...

Your card is beautiful!!!! Love your tree too!
Stay warm & dry!

Hlee said...

What a beautiful card, but can I tell you that your tree is even more beautiful! Love it!

Haley D. said...

Hubba hubba! This card totally rocks the sketch! You got the mojo goin' on, girlfriend!!!

Your tree is gorgeous. Glad to hear you're safely tucked inside in that weather.

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