Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Few Projects For You….



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OK so I kind of lifted this idea from the Archiver’s flyer..but what the heck! I got this Cosmo Cricket Paper on sale at Archivers and have used it once in a card. Other than that I was a little bit intimidated by it…even though I just love it. Then I got the new  flyer in the mail and wayyyyy at the back was this little, itty, bitty picture of a recipe mini album thing that used this paper…ah ha I thought…and I set to work. I had some chipboard and some of those ring things ( I am SO technical it kills me) and with a little help from my Cropadile (anyone else think this looks like an instrument of torture?) I set to work. This is going to be a menu planner for my hubby and kids who are always asking “what’s for dinner?” I figured I would add some cards in there with weekly menus so they can see what we are having without asking me incessantly!!! I also think I will add a 3rd hole and ring thingy in the middle to balance it a little better.


This is the result of me playing around with a brown paper bag and some stamps and some snowflakes! The little tag was fun…My first tag ever. The ‘to’ is stamped in the snowflake. After I was all done I was disappointed with how it turned out…but well I am a big girl and I thought I would share it anyways seen as my posts seem few and far between lately. My Mojo is on hiatus or vacation or something.



I don’t share much on here about my rediscovery of  my faith in the Lord, but it is a journey I have recently undertaken. I am truly blessed in my life and thank God every day for this. I spend an hour on Wednesdays attending a small group at church learning what the Bible tells us is in store for the future. I thought I would give these bookmarks to the other members of the group. I don’t own any scripture stamps from CTMH so these are all rubber stamps and I have to say they don’t like my CTMH inks. That is why my second sentiment is stamped in black. I finally found an ink that matched the chocolate CS that liked my rubber stamp (the first picture). The crosses are embossed in gold and cut out and mounted on foam tape. OK this may be really weird and quirky of me but I use all the leftover bits from those things you push your pop dots out of…(hate to waste anything.)

I don’t have a supply list for you tonight BUT if you are interested please just email me.

I am finding life to be very FULL at the moment and so I am thinking you are going to see twice weekly postings from me from now on. I will aim for Saturday and Wednesdays for the moment.

My daughter swam in her first ever swim meet yesterday. She just turned 13 and only learned to swim a few years ago. She was in swimming lessons this summer.  She really took to swimming and was so proud that she was finally ‘good’ at something.  Her swim instructor suggested joining a swim team, so we did. We go to practice 3 times a week. They are only just learning how to turn and start on the blocks ETC. She can’t even do a dive start. She had to race against kids who have been swimming and training for many years…she swam against girls who were much bigger than her. I don’t have some Cinderella story for you here… She finished last in the 2 events she swam in, but I have never been more proud of her! She never gave up..she did her best and finished the races.  You don’t always have to win to be a winner and you don’t always have to be the best to shine!



Meredith said...

I love all these and that vintage paper is gorgeous! Congrats to your daughter!!

And thanks for the support on my blog! Like I said, you always know how to brighten someone's day.

Sparkle said...

Such cute projects! Love the cards!

Carla said...

Sarah - the story about your daughter brought tears to my eyes. Probably because as a parent - I know exactly what you mean. I think sometimes our proudest moments come at very unexpected times.
Great projects - love the retro cards!!

Carla said...
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Christina said...

I love the recipe album, soooooo freakin adorable! I'm also loving those bookmarks! I don't have any stamps with scripture...that is my mission, to find some! :) I love hearing about how people walk with the Lord and the journey they go through as they grow! Keep it up sister! :)

Kudos to your daughter too, that is amazing that she stuck with it! In the end her determination will pay off and as long as she's enjoying herself it shouldn't matter what place she gets!

Kathi Carlson said...

I beg your pardon? No mojo? Everything here is first class. Love the Cosmo Cricket cards. And that paper? It intimidates me so, but it's sure fun trying!

Good for your daughter, and you're absolutely right. She didn't lose but rather finished last. It's all about the effort. I know why you're so proud.

Haley D. said...

First, I love all your projects! I Can't decide which is my favorite- the inspirational ones are wonderful.

I am so proud of your daughter! It takes so much guts to enter a race and finish it, regardless of what place you score. Tell her to keep up her hard work! Her determination and hard work will carry her far, in the pool and in life. Great job!

Cibele Glazer said...

I wish my "no mojo" was as good as yours! Love the recipe book and the ring thingys are called jump rings...I think. lol You aren't giving yourself enough credit on the bag. I think it turned out great!

Having gone through the horse show with my daughter recently, I know how proud you are of your DD. What a wonderful story and who cares where they place as long as they have the confidence to enter the race and finish. You are doing an excellent job raising a quality individual. Kudos to you both!

Jeanne said...

Loving all your projects! The retro cards are so fun. (Gasp, I didn't even make it to Archiver's this past weekend...oh no will the A police come and get me???? LOL)

Good for you on embarking on your spiritual journey. I hope it brings you strength and comfort!

As for your daughter, WOW! To me it IS a Cinderella story. True, she may not have technically "won" a race, but she's a winner for getting out there and doing her best. She's definitely a keeper to me. You are right to be so proud. **cheering you both on** *Ü*

Penny D. said...

I love that CC paper too but I wouldn't know what to do with it. I think all of their papers are beautiful but I just wouldn't know what to do with any of it... lol

Congrats to your daughter!!!!

Laurel said...

You have been busy! Great projects!

Kim said...

Oh, love the mini album! It is so delish!!! I agree, I love the paper, but it does seem a like it could be difficult to play with. YOur bag is so cute, love the snowflakes and your bookmark is stunning!
Kim xXx

chercroppin said...

Very nice creations Sarah, I am really loving those bookmarks, so gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments, I am so happy you did!

Dawn AKA-Doodle Princess said...

Wanted to stop by and say Hello, I also have been crazy busy but miss my daily stops. I seen those papersand had to stop and drool. I so love anything vintage (my husband says that is why I love him so LOL)Love your beautiful cross also sweetie. Glad I stopped by.

itsabrt said...

Hello Sarah,I love the story about your daughter swim meet it gave me goose bumps to no end! Your creations are fun, I love your meal planner and your gift bag is beautiful I swear! I am glad you have a place to rediscover God's ultimate plan, you are so blessed! Beth

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