Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple Thank You Card…



This card was inspired by a store bought card (not by me I might add). I couldn’t wait to make this card so that I could try out some faux stitching. I was visiting one of my favorite blogs Whoistracy? blog and saw the technique she used to ‘stitch’ on this card….and I had to try. Her cards are stunning and she has just launched her own line of stamps which I just have to purchase!

I have faux stitched before by just using a white marker…but never making holes and then using the marker. The effect is remarkable, you can hardly tell it isn’t real stitching. The hardest thing about this card was drawing my wavy lines and getting them to look abstract and not contrived :-)….In other words…fiddly…i.e. you have to fiddle about to get it to work. Once the lines were drawn in pencil I just pierced some holes with my paper piercer and joined them dot to dot style with my Sakura white Gelly Roll pen.  The second card I put together with some leftover cardstock as I was digging the purple.

Supplies: CTMH cardstock, CTMH sentiment stamp CTMH Playful Flourishes SS, CTMH Pansy Purple Ink, flowers from Hobby Lobby, Sakura Gelly Roll pen.

Well Saturday morning I woke up to below freezing temps and snow…enough to have covered everything..the kids kitted up in their first snowsuit expedition of the fall/winter and went outside. I think the early snowfall  is a record even for Iowa.  Saturday afternoon I went to an open house at a neighbors and set up my CTMH stuff…but it really wasn’t anyone’s ‘thing’.  Now if I had been selling candles, jewelry, makeup, or cooking stuff I would have done really well. The only person to make a card was a 4 year old! I did decide to cart all my cards along with me which I sold for $1 or $2 each depending on size (no envies) and I sold a TON! People really liked them…I was blown away. I should have just set my cards out on the table and left my CTMH stuff at home ha ha!! I am thinking I should have charged more! The weird thing was some of them I didn’t want to sell… was like losing a child or a best friend with all the work I had put into them. One lady liked her card so much she said she was going to frame it and put it on her fridge or on  her mantle! I was pumped :-)

Anyways..enough blabbing I am off to check out all your blogs.


Mom and youngest DD at Big Creek State park


Eldest DD


Can’t wait to scrap this shot of DD and DS!



Kathi Carlson said...

Love your cards! You did a really nice job with those lines ... perfect! I love doing this type of faux stitching, and yes, it's hard to tell it from the real thing.

Your photos are great and will make for some wonderful layouts.

I sell most of the cards I sell for $2.50. By the hour, it's not a money-maker but that isn't why I stamp. I do it to stay sane. LOL. As for someone loving your card so much, she wants to frame, that's a well-deserved compliment!!

Have a good week, friend!!

Dawn said...

Oh I love the faux stitching and i like you have used the white marker.I need to set up my sewing machine again.How funny that you didn't want to let go of your cards.I feel the same about some of mine.I am getting better and cleaning out piles to pass on.It is exciting that people like your cards enough to pay for them.

Christina said...

Welcome back to blogland lady, you've been missed!!

I'm totally drooling over both of those cards! I seriously thought the stitching was real and my first thought was "how on earth did she do that?" Great job!

It doesn't surprise me that everyone was buying up your cards, you are sooooo stinkin talented and all your stuff is just amazing!! Maybe at shows or something you can just be sure to have a stack of things you've made and put them out to sell and make some extra money that way too!


Kim said...

These cards are so very beautiful, clean, and classy! Love them. The colors are just delish.

These photos are perfect and will make beautiful layouts! TFS!!

Kim xXX

Penny D. said...

Your cards are beautiful, I had no idea when I looked at the first photo that it was faux stitching. I'll have to try that!!!

Awesome news about selling your cards, that's very exciting.

Jeanne said...

Lovely cards, Sarah! I think that faux stitching is fabulous. Great job on selling your cards. You are truly talented and I'm glad you are being rewarded for that talent.

Thanks for sharing the pictures...lovely memories, for sure!

Have a wonderful week and we'll hope that cold winter like weather retreats for awhile!

Laurel said...

Great cards Sarah! I love your pics too.

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely card! I love the stitching!

whoistracy said...

That faux-stitching on the first card looks so realistic! I love the wavy lines to it. Great idea to sketch it out before piercing. I usually piercer first and then have to figure out how to fix my mistakes! LOL

Cibele Glazer said...

You had me completely fooled especially since after the remodel your sewing machine was featured prominently on your work table. Splendid work darling. Simply splendid!

Marie with a :-) said...

When I first saw your title and then your cards I thought about writing "I thought you said SIMPLE cards...I don't consider sewing on a card simple. Then I read what you wrote and had to go back and look at the cards! (And I've even used that technique before...but still couldn't tell it was faux stitching!) They are fabulous cards.
I have sold over 200 cards since April at $3.00 each. Today I sold less than 30 (bad planning on my part) but more people want to come on a different day, so hopefully I'll sell lots more!

Kelly said...

sarah, haven't stopped by in a bit, but glad i did today. tracy's blog is inspirational and I love the faux stitching with her sigmo pen. your mono chromatic card is beautiful and i didn't realize it was faux stitching until i read your post! great job-

btw- i sell mycards too for $2 or 3/$5 and told they are too low priced. i make for the love of the craft and sell to push the stuff out of my home. make just enough money to pay for new things to play with or haircuts,lunch out,etc... good luck!- kelly

Linda L said...

Beautiful cards Sarah! I love the faux stitching. Congratulations on selling your cards. I know how you feel about not wanting to get rid of some.

Krista Ritskes said...

Wow, Sarah, I couldn't even tell that was faux stitching, didn't even know it was until I read the rest of your post. Fabulous!
By the way, love your photography, too!

BananaStamper said...

Sarah, these cards are fabulous! Love them both, and that is a fun technique and design on the first! Lovely photos too!


jcarlisi said...

I love it! I have walked by the cards at the supermarket and thought I should case some stuff. Good idea!

Really, I love these cards. The faux stitching is awesome.

Way to go on selling those cards! BTW- I LOVE (I use that word a lot) the staging (wink wink).

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