Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Simple LO….





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I cannot take full credit for this LO…my Awesome friend Jessica made it up at out retreat. I just embellished , added photos, and a title. I loved the colors …the blue reminds me of the blue of a winter sky…which is why I went with winter pictures. My Lo’s are VERY simple compared to the amazing creations I see from you guys…but they will do . I haven’t added journaling yet or names under the pics on the left page….but you see the main idea.

Supplies: Serendipity/die cut PP CTMH (no longer available) Cricut Storybook , ribbon and embellies all CTMH.

I just realized I don’t use any stamping on my Layous???? Go figure.

On a more positive note, pending a background check, my husband looks to have got the job he interviewed for yesterday!!! I can’t tell you the relief and thanks I felt. God has answered our prayers once again, we are so lucky!

I am determined to do better…to ‘do’ more for people…to live a better life. One of those promises I made to myself was to start exercising and eating better. All my life I have been thin…able to eat anything and not gain weight…about a size 2…then I entered my late thirties and had my 3rd child…pow…goodbye metabolism helloooo flab. It is everywhere! Nothing is where it should be. I am heavier now that when I was pregnant with my 9lb 4 oz first child!!!! I just let it slide day after day. Most people would say that my weight of 145lbs is just fine….BUT I am only just 5’5” and I have gone from a size 2 to a 8/10….that is too much for my frame. So maybe…just maybe, if I write it on here I will actually DO SOMETHING!!!! I bought a Wii fit……so we will see how this ends. I will try to keep you updated…if you are interested. :-)

Have a great Friday and Weekend! I will have a scheduled post for Unscripted Sketches tomorrow ..other than that I will probably see you all Monday as I am working this weekend!



Meredith said...

YEAH about the interview!! Does this mean you will move, or he will travel?

These LOs are great! It's so funny, I was just looking at that paper pack yesterday! I moved it to the front of the line hoping I could use it!
(Oh and thanks for asking, so far I am feeling great)

Jane ... said...

I think your LOs are great--less is more, that's my motto. The papers & photos go great together! I enjoy seeing your paper art & visit your blog often. TFS!

Cibele Glazer said...

Super job on the layouts Sarah! Fantastic news on the job front! So happy that things are going in the right direction. As for the last bit, whatever you do, don't go over to Leslie's blog. She's posted an adorable little nugget box and it made me rush right to the pantry to get some chocolate. :) Good luck! I know you can do it.

itsabrt said...

I love the winter theme for this paper pack Sarah! I am glad things are looking up for you as God was looking out for you! My body has pain dirty tricks on me too and i do get to the gym quite frequently! I am still a size 8/10 and 5'5'' but i look way better more toned and defined, get yourself some weights it does wonders! Beth

Kim said...

Ooooooo, I love this layout! And I love your papers......Great news for the hubby! Just keeps on proving that when God closes a door, He opens a window!
Kim xXx

Jeanne said...

Fantastic layout, Sarah and fantastic news about the job! A big fat, WHEW to you! Does this mean a big move is in your near future? Regardless, things are looking up and that's just awesome!

Good for you on working on yourself! Take it just a little bit at a time and soon you will see results, at least that's what I keep reading. I'd love to hear your progress, so please keep me/us posted. You can do it!!

Have an awesome weekend.

Haley D. said...

SIMPLE layout? It's gorgeous! A huge congrats on hubby's pending job! I know what you mean about the metabolism thing, so good look and work hard on your journey to be better fit. I'm walking right there with you, step by step (though I've never been a size 2)! God is GREAT!

Kathi Carlson said...

I like simple cards, so you gotta know I love simple layouts, too. This one is gorgeous and perfect for winter photos.

Awesome about the job!! For so many, unemployment has turned into a long-haul thing. I so glad it won't be that way for your family.

Everyone must have self-improvement on the brain these days - myself included. Right now, though, I just need to "maintain" until... you guessed it... after the wedding. LOL.

Alanna said...

Great layout. Congrats on hubby's job. I read on one of your blog comments on another person's blog that the job would be in Iowa and that you wouldn't have to move. How fabulous.

And good for you for taking charge of your life and your weight. You'll have to let me know how the Wii Fit works out. We have a Wii and I've thought about getting it but just haven't.

stampmonkey said...

Cute LO (even if you didn't make it up)! Great colors for your pics! That is interesting that you don't stamp on your LOs...if you wanted to change that, I think you have access to a ton of cute images. ;)

That's awesome news about your hubby most likely landing a job --God is soooo good!

I can relate on the weight/metabolism thing, and also on wanting to be 'better.' Don't beat yourself up over it, Sarah. As we age (and have kids), certain things change that will NEVER be as they were before and sometimes they're out of our control. And it's okay (not that we're always happy with that, but sometimes you just have to come to terms with it -lol). Just do what you can when you can, and try to be happy with yourself through the ups and downs as you head toward your goal. And in the meantime, remember you're the best YOU there can be, just as you are, and you're loved...and NOT for how you look!

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