Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Simple Card….



I think it is Kathi that uses this layout for a card when she wants to highlight the paper…It totally works thanks Kathi.

I went on a paper crafting bargain hunt today! I had 2 coupons for Joann’s and 1 coupon for Hobby Lobby. Joann’s had some awesome deals. This paper stack from DCWV was 50% off, I fell in love with it as it is all glittery. The ribbon was in a set of 4 colors and all of them are already sticky!!!! woohooo…..AND they were 97 cents reduced from $4.99. I got 3 boxes hee hee. I picked up some other clearance stuff and then was able to use my 10% off coupon. I used my 40% off coupon on a circle punch. All in all some great bargains. I used my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon on Nestibilities Labels 2 I think. My local Hobby Lobby has reorganized and increased it’s Cricut and Cuttlebug stuff…..AND to my complete joy..has a WHOLE wall FULL of Spellbinders products! It was like heaven.

Supplies: DCWV Citrus Stack, sentiment CTMH, Tulip ink CTMH, Ribbon clearance :-)

I hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! For those of you who have asked…I DO have an English accent. I moved the the USA from the Isle of Wight in 1989 at the age of 24, so I had already formed my ‘accent’. It has mellowed a lot but it is still VERY obvious. It definitely helps that I now speak American :-) some examples..

Diaper= nappy

Trunk (car)= boot

Hood (car)= bonnet

Flashlight= torch

Sprite= lemonade (seriously)

Eraser= rubber (don’t you dare laugh!)

Backpack= rucksack

Pants= trousers

Underwear= pants (you see where I am going here )

Cookies= biscuits

Biscuits= scones

Chips= crisps

Fries= chips

hmmm I think that is enough for now…There are loads more. So when you read my blog please add in the accent.

I have some more wonderful things to share from some of my most favoritest bloggers…..I actually have these cards here, in my grubby little mitts…I am SO lucky.

This card from Beth over at Inky Fingers Rule Beth you ROCK!


This card from Rachel Over at Wonderfully Whimsy…Rach you are AWESOME


And these cards from Nellie over at This Little Blog of Mine…Nellie you are SO ARTISTIC…

026 021 023 024 025

Am I lucky or WHAT!

Have a great long weekend!



Laurel said...

Wow what fabulous cards! Love your simple one, that paper is beautiful!

So I have a friend who is from England. Many years ago, during our first year at University, she got caught with some of her words too

"Does anyone have a rubber?" meaning eraser

or how about this one
"Can someone knock me up in the morning?" - funny - she had many male volunteers!!! LOL - of course she meant wake me up.

Alanna said...

Great card Sarah. Your design really let all the wonderful stamping shine.

My HL also redid their cuttlebug/spellbinders/cricut area and has now expanded the spellbinders they sell. And to use a 40% off coupon on them rocks.

What an amazing bunch of cards you received. I love them all.

Kim said...

I love your card. I really like how it highlights that yummy paper! I'll have to try that one myself! Hey, I'm glad you got some great deals. I stopped by Michael's on my way to the lakehouse and got a Cricut cartridge (Making the Grade) for 19.99! I was excited...

Those cards you shared with us are great! You know you have friendships to treasure!

Kim xXx

Kathi Carlson said...

Your card is perfect for that favored sketch I use, as that paper, too, is too pretty to cover up. Beautiful!

Do you know how lucky you are to live where there are stores? For me to use a coupon, I'd have to burn up as many dollars in gas. While small down living is great in many ways, retail therapy and the immediate gratification it brings isn't one of them. LOL.

I love accents, and as I deal with editors from all over the world, I get to enjoy them on a regular basis via telephone. Oh, and I got a funny email from an editor in the UK the other day referencing his "cock-up." I laughed out loud when I read it with thoughts of several ways it could be interpreted.

As for that "collection" of cards you've amassed, how fun!

Cheers, friend!!

Haley D. said...

Love the cheery card you made w/that beautiful paper! I will definitely try to read your blog from now on with an accent. ;) Enjoy the gorgeous cards you've received.

Sparkle said...

I love your card. That Citrus paper is a fun pack!

I'm so sad that I don't have a HL anymore, sob, lol...

Meredith said...

I hope that our HL takes cues from yours and starts stocking more cuttlebug/nesties!

I once had a penpal in Australia who collected rubbers--we were in the fifth grade and I was still a little shocked until I figured out what that was!

From now on I'm reading with an English accent! Thanks for sharing! Almost forgot--I think that card is adorable!

Krista Ritskes said...

Love your card and you are definitely lucky...all those gorgeous cards from such talented women. I'm jealous!

Christina said...

So what did you get all those cards for...a swap or something??? Very cool!

I would not have even guessed you would have an when I am reading your blog I'll imagine your voice with a sweet accent! Color me jealous...wish I had a cool accent...maybe I'll make one up! LOL

Awesome pawesome on getting such good deals at the craft stores! I've spent more than my share of our fun money budget this month so I have to steer clear of craft stores for the rest of September! LOL

ALSO...left you an award on my blog...come and get it sweets! :)

jcarlisi said...

I LOVE the English accent! Perhaps that's why Robert Pattinson is so dreamy. LOL.

Love the card! I'll have to try out the ribbon ripple I see one everyone's work.

Linda Beeson said...

Man, I needed to go shopping with you - what a score! LOVE that first card, it really does put the focus on the patterned paper.

Liz said...

Great Card

Penny said...

How do you all send eachother stuff? lol Is there an address list somewhere that I don't know about???

Anyway, your card is cute, I don't have the citrus stacked but I've been eyeing it!!!!!

And what do you want changed on your blog? I would be happy to help, though I don't know how they do the thing where they change the background image and that's it, I only know how to go in and edit the actual code, which would mean a permanent change until you reverted back to a regular blogger one then re-added a new background. Did that make sense? lol

Cibele Glazer said...

I had a an "ink"ling you had an accent. ;) Love your card. I'm going to have to try that when I have pretty paper to show off. The cards you got are fantastic you lucky girl.

On another note...I just read Penny's comments and I think my head is going to explode. LOL. Off to play with my new toys. Hope I can learn how to color like the big girls.

Jeanne said...

Yup, now I'm gonna read your posts with an accent, hee, hee!

Your card is beautiful! You've showcased that paper wonderfully AND given me a great way to use mine. *Ü*

Don't you just love it when you can score some awesome bargains?! You found some awesome goodies, that's for sure.

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