Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simple card….




My cards seem to occur in several different ways..

1. I get an idea in my head, sketch it then make it.

2. I have no idea what I am going to do and the card evolves from the SS or the papers

3. I follow a sketch and/ or color challenge

4. I CASE someone else’s card :-)

My favorite cards are #1’s…….as this one is. Inspired from the label in my pants (no I am not going to take a photo, you will just have to trust me.) MY hardest cards are usually #2’s, though there is never a hard an fast rule.

I purchased this stamp set from Cornish Heritage Farms a while back and haven’t really been able to use it as I just couldn’t get inspired. I have to say I really LOVE this image/flower thing (if it has a proper name,I sure as heck don’t know what it is).

Supplies: Dutch Blue ink CTMH, Colonial White and Indian Corn Blue CS CTMH, Ornamental Beauty SS CHF, Ribbon CTMH, Blue stash.

After an awful shift at work Saturday I came home  to find this had come in the mail…..



I was tickled pink!!!! The jar WAS filled with Jelly beans LOL…they didn’t last long. This wonderful card and tin came from the MEGA talented Laurel over at Laurel’s Place. I can’t tell you how wonderful it makes me feel to receive these RAK from my cyber buddies! I am truly humbled., you are all wonderful people.

Well I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!



Grace C. said...

This card is stunning! It is even more impressive that the design is all yours...such a neat idea:)

Sparkle said...

Your card is gorgeous. I like the spotlight effect.

Kathi Carlson said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous card! Beautiful stamps. Love the sentiment. I wish my #1s would turn out like that!!

The RAK from Laurel is awesome. Glad you ate the jelly beans!

Enjoy the evening!

Cibele Glazer said...

I am really loving your card. I like the way you highlight the one section. I will have to try that. Simply elegant.

Answer me one thing. What's with all the candy? Leslie with the chocolate and you and Laurel (more nugget boxes) with the jellybeans. I walk away from the computer and all I want to do is eat!

Haley D. said...

The spotlight blew me away! It looks like it would be hard to line up, but yours is perfect.

Great RAK too!

Leslie said...

Beautiful, Sarah. Lets all concentrate some WILLPOWER Cibele's way. - grins -

Kim said...

Don't you love how you look at things differently now that you scrap and make cards? I do. Who would have ever thought a jeans tag could inspire such an elegant card? BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
That Laurel is a little Diva, and very sweet at that.
Kim xXx

Meredith said...

OOOH! I love this card--really pretty Sarah!!

Marie with a :-) said...

Great card, Sarah! I particularly like the "magnified" section. Thanks for sharing how your cards are created...for me the hardest method is trying to "lift" someone else's because I can never replicate anything precisely and usually end up with something completely different card than I intended! Do you store your sketches in a special binder or anything?

Jamie Harder said...

Inspiration comes in the strangest places hey? I need to check out my pant tags more closely:-) Your card is simply GORGEOUS!

and lucky you on the RAK....:-)

Laurel said...

Your card is stunning! Love the spotlight effect! Oh and you are so welcome, so glad you enjoyed the beans!

Jeanne said...

Whoa Nelly! This is one gorgeous card! Love the spotlight effect.

And that card and nugget tin are fantastic, too. Laurel is sooooo creative! I'm glad you had such happy mail...and that you enjoyed your jelly beans. *Ü*

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